My Stock Report

We were supposed to invest 20,000 fake dollars into real stocks. My stocks shot down to – $1800. Why are we doing this, well because in The Westing Game Turtle and her partner are given 20,000 dollars. She thinks they are supposed to invest it in the stock market. Okay and that is why we are doing this. We eventually would check on May 31, 2023 would see how much we lost or gained, in the end our class would have a biggest loser and winner.

You could say my repost wouldn’t be pretty. The first part of our time I was slowly gaining cash with SBUX/Starbucks. Around the center of our period I was up 3,000 dollars my stocks were shooting sky high. Sadly after a day later from being up 3,000 the next morning I was down to – 300. In the end I thought SBUX was going up but I in the end was down – 1800 dollars. We could just say my stocks were a huge fail I did not know what I was doing, but still just take your path, the path you want to take.

My sort of Ted Talk

For Language Arts,  we had to write a blog post about something we love but it had to be no more than 5 minutes. I chose for my topic to be Lacrosse. In my blog post I went over the 4 basic positions goalie, defense, mid, attack and some of their differences advantages and/or disadvantages. I also talked about a little bit of gear and what they did and why they did that. After I did a video of some passes, dodges, shots and cradling.

My video it was a bit rattling for me to make because it took a lot of time and effort. My video was a total of 1:26 seconds long. I put it together with my Language Arts teacher, mom, dad, brother and friend Andrew.

There were a lot of struggles with wanting to make my LACROSSE themed topic. In order to achieve my goal I had to spend many hours trying to find the right Duke and/or UNC LAX photos from Getty. This was were my dad and teacher had to help me. My mom and brother helped me record because I needed three people and there was only one of me. One thing I have learned is it’s always worth it to push through and get it done.

My Summary

1. The Last Cuentista

I think reading “The Last Cuentista” helps get out the importance of keeping your stories going. For example, the main character Petra is trying to keep her grandma’s stories when her memory wipe fails. I think this is important because your family’s stories are given to you and it is your job to allow your family’s legacy to continue.

2. My Ideal World

My thoughts about my ideal world description are it could be more specific. There are now definitely some things I would change, an example is everyone gets what they need at least but people still have to work for it. It would be easier but people with more don’t have to lose what they have to help people with less unless they want to. I think things are changing because I have had more time to think since I wrote My Ideal World.

3. Book making with Peg Gignoux

Making a book with Peg Gignoux was a lot of fun, though it wasn’t any ordinary book. The books we made folded open like origami. The process of making these books took a lot of steps and days. I know the hardest part for me was making the cover/base. Here is the link to do art with Peg Gignoux.


I hope you try one of these things I talked about and find something new that you love.


My History class Persian Pancakes


Hi I’m going to talk about my Persian recipe for history class. One thing I really loved was thinking of creative ways of turning facts into food. Something that really helped was when my history teacher Mr. Harris told us the amount of the ingredient is how important it is and the order.

I decided to have my recipe be Persian Pancakes. In my Persian Pancakes, I did have a bit of trouble with the wording but then it went by a lot easier. I ended up with something I am really proud of because I put in a good effort and got it done plus when I asked people if it made sense they said yes. This is not a real recipe!


  1. An even amount of Persian, Egyptian, Babylonian eggs to fill one cup
  2. ¾ a cup of money milk
  3. dash of basic human rights
  4. ½ a block of tax butter for every egg you put in your pancake
  5. ⅛ a block of crop butter
  6. 1/10 of rich crops
  7. 3 teaspoons of vanilla coin system


  1. First grab an even amount of Persian, Egyptian, Babylonian eggs to fill one cup then mix them together for a strong blend

2.Then get ¾ a cup of money milk so all the ingredients can trade off their flavors to make beautiful taste/quality

3.Next add a dash of basic human rights if you don’t have it you can find it in our online shop

4.Make sure you tax ½ a block of tax butter for every egg you put in your pancake

5.You should devote space on you agriculture pan for ⅛ a block of crop butter

6.It is also important to give land to the 1/10 of the wealthy crops to maintain loyalty

7.Next add 3 teaspoons of vanilla coin system for a stronger flavor trade system

8.Lastly make sure not to strip the religion of the Persian, Egyptian, Babylonian eggs for more diversity

9.Set your army oven to high amount of power in your army of PANCAKES

10.After 5 minutes and 50 seconds flip your pancake

11.After another 5 minutes and 50 seconds you should take your pancake off the oven


My Ideal World

My Ideal World

My ideal world is named Ducky In A Tutu Land. In my ideal world there is a Duke UNC Care Kit for kids so they can be happy while getting treatment. One thing I would have is that no one has a bad day. In my ideal world, I can make anything happen besides hurting people or hurting things. I heart ducks.

In my ideal world everyone is equipped with everything they need. I want this because then we don’t have to worry about poverty. There is also a variety of free pets. Here we make sure everyone has access to jobs and entertainment. In Ducky In A Tutu Land war does not break out unless necessary while people can not be forced to stay somewhere unless by the government.

In Ducky In A In Tutu Land on Christmas whatever you wish, you get. Here holidays are also celebrated with parties and if you talk in front of someone about it they’re invited. In Ducky In A In Tutu Land nobody has no one to talk to so kids and adults never feel lonely. Here no one can have a serious injury or disease. On this planet all animals can’t be hurt or killed and they can’t hurt us.

On Ducky In A In Tutu Land the technology is very advanced. For example, all of our cars are self driving but if you want to drive you can. Any living animal or being caught by sensors will cause the car to come to a safe stop. The cars built with special suspension to it is a smooth ride.

NC Museum of Natural Science

Image from DA teacher

On January Friday the 27 2023 we went on a field trip to the NC Museum of Natural Science. There were a ton of people there. I really enjoyed the end of our time there when we walked to the huge statues near the museum. Many of the statues were of confederates. Some were governors of North Carolina. There are many different opinions about the statues. Some people want to tear them down and some want to keep them up. There were many fun experiences like this huge bridge by the giant globe. It was a ton of fun to walk around the entire museum. I highly recommend going here.

Window or Mirror?

My book is called Ready Player One. This book was written by Ernest Cline. This book is about a kid named Wade Watts and a huge video game contest on vr. This book fits in science fiction. Wade ends up getting the first key and ends up only being the start. A window is different from your life in a big way and a mirror is mostly like yours.

This book is a window and a mirror for me. This book was a mirror because I have done video game contests but the most I have seen was 1,000,000 dollars but was too young. But it is also a window because in Ready Player One you can win a trillion dollars and  complete ownership over an escape for most of the world. 

Wisdom Tales Project

Bet you’re wondering what this is. It’s a photo of me and a friend Ryan and our
Scratch project. It was about a Wisdom Tale called The Wooden Bowl. We made a
virtual remake of it using Scratch.

The Wooden Bowl is about a family that lives with the grandpa but he keep getting weaker and weaker. Eventually when the family had a child his hands were shaking
when he was holding him. The family then got him a separate table and after braking
many bowls the gave him a wooden bowl. When their child got older he made his parents a wooden bowl for them when they are old, and that act caused them to start being nicer to their grandpa.

I like this story because it gives a good lesson. It helps you learn to treat others the way you want to be treated.


Quest Martial Arts

This is photo of me after getting my brown black belt. I am the kid on his knees below the person with purple hair. Durham Academy is where I started in the lower school. There was an enrichment that Quest hosted. I got all the way up to my blue belt at DA, but not the ones you can in the picture above. In the image below, you can see this is the the blue belt I got up to.

Is the blue belt low or high? To answer that it was only the second belt you get out of 34 belts. The brown black belt is the 24th belt you get. I started going to the dojo at around the age of 6 and now I am 11 and have 1 belt to go until my black belt.

Along the way my little brother and dad ended up joining me. Just a month ago my little brother joined my class including the “dragons, mighty dragons, white yellow blue and red green brown black”. Coming up to now they have only taught To-Shin Do but now they have kick boxing and Ju Jit Su. Thank you for reading my post.

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